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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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than 10 hours hospitalized. much of that time at shock trauma, with chest and abdominal discomfort. she felt like she was going to pass out. >> i'm good. i'm feeling 100% clean bill of health. just again, rather -- i would much rather be safe than sorry. and i'm glad that i went and got checked out. >> reporter: her doctors ran a series of tests and gave her a clean bill of health. she was back in meetings by the afternoon. >> i don't think we found anything that would suggest to us that she's unable to go back to work. >> it's certainly possible that it is stress-related. but it really doesn't appear to be right now. >> reporter: even though doctors say stress was not the cause, the new mayor heb under tremendous pressure. thrust interest the job after mayor sheila dixon's resignation, and a spotlight on her job performance. >> what's important for us to do is to make sure it's not an underlying heart condition or
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underlying condition that could be potentially life- threatening. >> i just knew that i'd rather be safe than sorry, set a good example. and i feel better for it. >> reporter: the mayor's staff said they are surprised she wound up in the empty where-- where she was conducting business. >> i think regardless of wawhat we advise her, she's going to work. >> now that i'm out, it's a bit of a surreal, the whole experience. but it reminds me, i have some real challenges to get to inside, with the budget. and trying to work with my colleagues to try to close this $120 million budget gap. >> reporter: she did reveal that her doctors told her she has been drinking too much caffeine. and that she should hydrate with water. >> thank you, captain mike hellgren. pat warren is explaining more. >> reporter: as you heard mike
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hellgren just report, it's been a short time for mayor-- stressful time for mayor stephanie rawlings-blake in office. some wonder if that might have been the problem she experienced today. >> work moved forward inside city hall. students demand funding. >> all pretty mild. >> i mean, in 19 days, she had two bliss blizzards. and now she's got the third blizzard, which is known as the city budget. >> tommy delasandro, the third. when he was a mayor in the 60s, he said being mayor is like being served the plate of [ bleep ] every day. >> this day, the city kept an eye on business and an ear tuned to the mayor's medical condition. >> i was very upset about it. so i called down to the hospital to let her know that
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we love her. we pray for her. and we can handle it. and so can she. >> council president jack young offered best wishes from the council and understands the pace rawlings-blake has been keeping. >> it's all about this. >> reporter: and confidence in her well being never waned. >> being mayor is really one of the hardest jobs. governor is easy compared to mayor. and i know she wants to continue to be our mayor. and our thoughts and wishes are with her at this time. >> i'm very confident that we're going forward without missing a beat. we're looking forward to the mayor having a speedy recovery and getting back to business of the city. >> reporter: and just as hoped, the mayor is back to the business of the city. remember, wjz is always on. for complete coverage of the mayor's hospitalization, release, and current condition, log onto well, sadness and disappointment tonight, as
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parents, teachers and students receive official notice of more than a dozen dght school -- catholic schools closing. wjz first told you about the closings on wednesday. we are staying on the story. gigi barnett has more on which schools are set to shut down and the next step for parents. >> reporter: the archdiocese said closing some schools and keeping others open is a chance to make a new start. it is a chance for what they are calling the rebirth of catholic schools. the archdiocese says it has some of the oldest schools in the nation. they cost more to operate. and competition from public schools is fierce. >> reporter: the school closings at catholic students and parents feared became official. out of the catholic school system. 64 schools. 13 are shutting their doors. leaving 225 faculty and staff members out of a job. and more than 2,000 students searching for a school. >> we need to take action now
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to stem the bleeding and to evaluate how our system can operate more efficiently. >> reporter: archbishop edwin o'brien said the cash-strapped system is in the red by more than $1 million. it creates the perfect combination to close schools. >> it is our baltimore schools that have been hardest hit. some of our city schools have as many as 70% of their seats vacant. with the number of schools having more empty seats than students. >> reporter: one of the schools that's closing is cardinal gibbons' school. the only high school on the list. yesterday, parents, alumni, and students learned of the closing through the school's facebook page. parents say they were blindsided by the decision. >> we just sent out 160 acceptance letters to incoming freshmen, perspective freshmen. and that's one of the reasons it hit so sudden. it's like, man, what? >> the archdiocese says the next step is meeting with
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parents. some parents say they will work to block the arch diseals -- archdiocese decision. >> i always think about what would jesus do? jesus wouldn't close the school. and i'll fight to the bitter end to keep this open. >> you're killing a school. you're killing a legacy. >> reporter: the arch disee -- archdiocese says it is now time to move forward. and part of that means competitive academic programs for parents. the same as they find in believe approximate schools. -- in public schools. meanwhile, the last day for the schools that are closing is june 30th. back to you on tv hill. >> all right, gigi. tough days ahead. thank you. the archdiocese says it will meet with parents next week and place the four teams at schools to help faculty and staff find new positions. lots of questions tonight, surrounding the death of a popular baltimore heavyweight, named mike deitrich. vic is in the newsroom with
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more. >> he was a three-time national championship and top-ranked heavyweight champion. he was found tuesday evening at his home in dundalk. deitrich grew up and lived in baltimore. his boxing career began about a decade ago. he reportedly sparred six rounds monday night, preparing for a fight later this month. his trainer said he looked good and in shape. back to you. >> new at 6:00, what police are saying about deitrich's death and what his trainer told wjz. an update now to a story we first told you about earlier this week. police say a woman found bound with tape and shot had been tortured for hours. the 19-year-old was found sunday in the 1500 block of north patterson park avenue. she told tickets she was left there, after being tortured. jerome white has been charged in connection with this attack. police say the whole thing was drug-related. and the investigation continues tonight. as a three-alarm fire rips through a baltimore rowhouse
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early this morning, killing three people trapped inside. wjz is live at the scene on woodbrook avenue in west baltimore. derek valcourt explains they narrowly escaped. >> five people were sound asleep when flames engulfed this entire house last night. only two people made it out alive. and tonight, friends and family want to know why. >> reporter: when fire broke out, inside this wood burn home, dorothy and alfred lost everything. she was inside when her son and others died in the fire. much too painful for her to talk about on camera. >> it is the worst day of my life. i lost my friend and my father. >> the only survivors were able to climb out of the window to safety. >> my son is distraught. because all he could hear was
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his girlfriend and his father, saying, help. there's a fire. >> the closest fire station is less than 300 feet away. >> they could have been rescued. >> reporter: firefighters say even though they arrived quickly after the 911 call, flame his already consumed the third floor and were quickly spreading down to the second and first. they say excessive clutter inside the house fueled the fire, making it unsafe for rescuers to enter. >> very sad. you don't see that happen to anybody. and especially a neighbor. >> reporter: friends say 61- year-old alfred goodman senior was a leg amputee. >> neighbors loved him. he was a healthy guy. it's rough. definitely going to miss him. investigators believe the fire started up on the third floor. they are still trying to determine what started it all. meanwhile, the red cross and the property manager here say say are trying to help the surviving family members get back on their feet.
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we're live in northwest baltimore. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. the fire also caused damage to the roof of one of the homes next door. waiting for a warmup. more comfortable temperatures are around the corner. here's of a live look outside right now. a clear and sunny day across maryland. bob is in the first warning weather center with the update. just in the last hour, clouds moved in. we'll see clouds at times tonight, in through tomorrow. but temps really very close to average. by the weekend, we guilt a -- got a nice warmup. radar, clouds. got up to 44 degrees. got up to about 46, french this afternoon. north winds at 7. for the weekend, high pressure is going to move off the east coast a little bit. and get some southerly or southwesterly winds. that means temps get to the 50- degree mark or better all week long. going to feel pretty good. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news. tonight at 5:00, a vacation disaster. a first look at the moment a monster wave hit a cruise ship,
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killing two people. of course i'm mad at him. >> tiger woods' close friend and caddy talked about the pro golfer scandal. this is mark viviano at orioles spring training in sarasota, florida. what does this new facility, an upgraded training base mean? i'll chat with the o's when eyewitness news continues. >> now, it's nice in florida. and not that bad in baltimore right now. the updated first warning weather forecast with bob coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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outrage over school funding prompted a protest downtown today. some 100 students took to the area of falls way this afternoon.
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the baltimore product rammed to the juvenile justice center. students were gathering more support for martin o'malley. the group says the state is spending more money to build youth detention facilities, instead of directing more funding toward education. teachers are afraid to come out and say it oftentimes. your nervous system is like, fire, fire, fire, fire. at eastern technical high school, the principal thought his teachers were perfectly happy. every teacher passed a new exam. the principal investigated. >> they were telling everyone. the school, the district, the state, that they wanted more of a voice in various issues. especially those that pertain to the work that they do on a daily basis. >> reporter: that is a
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sentiment of teachers statewide. less than half. those surveyed felt they had enough involvement at schools. >> you spoke, and we have listened. and now we must all work together in order to improve every single school in our state. >> teachers also want more collaboration with colleagues. more time to plan. suddenly, being required to carry out programs in which they had no input can be frustrating. >> as teachers, there's times where there's different laws, different incentive, different things coming in constantly. and sometimes you wonder, well, who wrote this? why is this happening? >> reporter: what's the most important thing? it's having strong leadership, a good principal, someone with whom they have a trusting relationship who trusts hem -- them. >> reporter: make decisions. help support new teachers and improve teaching positions. suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> the survey found a third of
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new teachers say they were not assigned a mentor or given much support to succeed. go to, to see the results from your child's school. if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work, let's check in on those roads right now. sharon gibala live for us at wjz traffic control. >> we are going to hope they're not on the jfx. that bus fire. we actually have video from sky eye chopper 13. you can see the mca mobility bus is off the lane. however, you're looking at a backup, all the way to fayette street. the speed sensors, just approaching where that bus fire is at 19 miles an hour. in the middle of that, you're looking at an accident. now also on 83 northbound at northern parkway. meantime, watch for a crash also on 295. that's going to be in the northbound lanes. blocking the left lane with a backup there. an accident in the city, still blocking all lanes of broening highway. take dundalk instead. two more in the city, east north at green vault and
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wilkens at south caton. approaching the southwest of the beltway, typical delays. same going for pulos key -- pulaski highway and the beltway. there's a look at 95 again. pulaski highway. this traffic report is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance. visit or call 1-800-947-auto to see how much you can save. still some snow in places on the ground in baltimore. but baseball season is a little over a month away. the orioles are still down in florida. but in a new, much improved home. in today's masn on wjz spring training report, sports director mark viviano reports from sarasota on the birds' new nest. >> cool temperatures here by florida standards. but sarasota has extended a warm welcome to the orioles who have taken immediate notice of
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the upgrade in their spring training facility. >> we're a major league facility. and i think our players feel like they're major leaguers. not to say they didn't feel that way before. but the way they ran spring training before was not conducive to running the camp the way you're supposed to run it. here we have the facilities to vuln the thing. for -- to run the thing. for us as a teammate, i think you see a better atmosphere for baseball. >> it's a great facility. we have all four fields. plus the main stadium. so we're able to get a lot of work in. >> reporter: a number of oriole fans have migrated south for spring training. and even they have taken notice of the upgrade in the birds' new preseason home. >> for an orioles fan, having been in fort lauderdale, now in sarah coat a -- sarasota, give the folks back home what you think of this place. >> when i first walked in, i thought, wow, i thought i died and went to heaven, compared to fort lauderdale. >> i think it's really good.
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everybody is nice around here. >> reporter: what's good for the orioles here in sarasota is it's about to get even better. there are $30 million in upgrades that are scheduled to begin. and construction will start at the end of spring training here the end of this march. back to you. >> all right, mark. thank you. the orioles open their season in tampa bay. their home opener is april 9th against toronto. >> sometimes it does. we have seening flakes. let's take a look at tempnous around the region. not that far from what it was down in florida. 44. northwest winds at 17. come back and take a look at friday and the weekend for you.,
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we've following breaking news right now. an accident in southeast baltimore. captain mike perry up there with more for us. we're underneath of ive-95. at pankas street and halliburton. near what's called the poncha burton pass, where a vehicle has overturned. looks like with rescue at this point. it's not clear at this point how many people are injured inside this overturned vehicle. nor how this accident happened. but as you can see, police is and fire officials have one lane closed.
5:24 pm
you can expect delays in the area. we'll continue to cover this. because firefighters just arrived a few moments ago. we'll keep you updated. >> looks like a bad accident. okay. thank you, captain mike. let's check in with bob turk for a look at our weather. bob? with the sun, earlier today, felt pretty good. clouds are coming right now. take a look at conditions now. got to 47. not too bad. 50, the average saturday. and it's the first time we've hit 50 since last fall. 33 this morning. our average low is up to 30. directed 80 and 5 degrees. it's a long time ago. 5 degrees. 1923. 80 degrees here in march. 44 now, 46 in washington. 17, it's very dry air. 17 is your dew point. 31. dropped just below freezing again in oakland. they got to 33 today. not much melting going on up there. winds continue to be a bit of a factor. 17, 14. and tonight, we'll still see
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these breezes. again tomorrow. we've seen some clouds just beginning to move in from the north and northeast. that low pressure that gave us a little rain and wet is now off the coast of new england. but it's beginning to actually migrate. some of these clouds are rolling from new york into pennsylvania. and during the day tomorrow, we'll see clouds from time to time. take a close look. start seeing some of these clouds moving in from the north and northeast. coming down. here they come. overnight, into tomorrow. we will see clouds and sun mix. but eventually, that's going to move out of here. and milder air that's building in the central states is going to move toward our region. with the winds becoming more west/southwest. saturday, maybe 50. sunday, monday, tuesday. maybe the mid-50s. small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow afternoon. winds west, 10 to 15. bay temps, chilly at 36 degrees. toanltses, upper 20s to low 30s with clouds. and some moonlight, too. and tomorrow, clouds and sun. 44. but a bit breezy again.
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today's high was 47. may be a little cooler because of clouds. we'll come back with a look at the weekend. still ahead at 5:00. fire rescue. >> hi. this is sea world. i just called. >> uh-huh. >> can you let them know that they pulled the a.e.d.? >> 9 11 tapes released from the day a trainer was killed by a whale at sea world. i'm kellye lynn in owings mills. with reaction to newly revised prostate cancer screening. could they be put in danger. the story straight ahead. here at the university of maryland, there is one thing that everyone is talking about. the terps' huge win over duke. and everyone is ready for more. i'm weijia jiang? college park, where the excitement even turned into rioting. that story is next on wjz eyewitness news.
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it is 5:29. 44 degrees and clouds. good evening. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. acc champions. it is a dream that could become a reality for the terps men's basketball team. after it beat duke in an exciting game last night. as weijia jiang reports, the post game excitement got a little carried away. and some students were arrested. >> down here at the university of maryland's comcast center,
5:30 pm
the energy was electric when the terps beat duke. and now you can still feel that excitement all over campus the >> they got numbers. back to williams. >> phenomenal. >> call it what you want. >> incredible. >> call it anything but boring. >> everybody is like on the edge. >> the university of maryland terps shut out the duke blue devils with a final score of 79- 72. the comcast center suffered perhaps the hottest post game action ever. >> the entire stadium, just mauled the court the minute the buzzer went off. >> i couldn't go to sleep. it was just amazing. >> this is where the storms are of course. >> dan greenbaum waited in line to get a ticket. >> it was one of the better experiences of my life. it was nuts. >> reporter: of course, they can't talk about maryland basketball these days, without
5:31 pm
talking about senior superstar greivis vasquez. he helped secure the win. >> every time, you just throw it out there. it's so awesome. >> i don't know if necessarily a heartthrob. but he's definitely a star. >> the post-game celebration was so wild, it turned into a confrontation. 27 people, including some maryland students were arrested, along route 1, during rowdy riots. in a statement, the university says those involved may face suspension or expulsion. >> they're cops, pepper spraying people. it was crazy. >> reporter: crazy. now, that's a word that undeniably describes a game, according to fans who are hungry for more. >> reporter: the terps are traveling to the university of virginia to take on the cavaliers on saturday night, to take one step closer to becoming the acc champions. i'm weijia jiang, in college park, wjz eyewitness news. >> weijia, thank you. a spokesperson says the university is investigating the
5:32 pm
riot-like behavior and the school's judicial process may be enforced. police released 911 calls made after a sea world orlando trainer was pulled into a tank via a killer whale. denise joins us in the newsroom with more. >> well, kai, only initial 911 report. the caller said she wasn't sure what was happening in the pool. >> we're at shamu stadium. actually have a trainer in the water with one of our whales. the whale that they're not supposed thob in the water with. so we don't know what is going on. >> 40-year-old dawn brancheau died in the accident. the medical examiner says branchiau died likely of injuries and drowning. >> sea world officials say there are no plans to move or isolate the whale involved in
5:33 pm
the attack. two people on board a cruise ship were threatened when a series of giant waves crashed onto the vessel. the waves shattered port hole windows and flooded cabins. and an italian and german passenger were killed. 14 others were injured. the ship's owner said the waves that battered the ship were over 30 feet high. several dozens ever people were injured in taiwan this morning. it damaged buildings and cut off electricity in the region. tremors also set off five fires, including one at a textile factory. now, the quake was centered in the same area where 700 people died after a typhoon last august. >> aid continues to stream into areas of chile, hardest hit by last weekend's earthquake. after days of waiting, chile's people were frustrated. now, the looting has subsided
5:34 pm
as survivors begin the long road to recovery. today, chile's president predicted it would take three to four years to rebuild. >> and that massive earthquake may have altered the earth in two significant ways. time and position. today, we headed to the maryland science center to see for ourselves. >> but the magnitude of the 8.8. >> reporter: the plotting spear captures realtime seismic activity. including the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit chile. scientists say the earthquake may have changed the entire earth's rotation and shortened the length of days on our planet. the quake, the second strongest in earthquake history hit saturday, and shortened the day by 1.26 microseconds. >> for a busy mother of two, how does this change my life. >> it probably won't. you don't fode need to call any
5:35 pm
invitations out of whack. you probably won't notice it at all. >> reporter: but scientists say it's unsettling to think how much impact, something as concentrated as an earthquake can have on our entire planet. also, the earthquake in chile, may have moved the earth's axis by about 20 inches. >> when an ice skater spins on the ice, spins pretty quickly. but that rotation actually increases as the ice skater pulls their mass in tighter and tighter. >> reporter: the maryland science center is also able to track currenticize mik activity. this is a seismic monitor. you can see here in chime, these show that there is still some tremor activity. on over here in taiwan, there was an earthquake this morning. >> it's the sequence of events that are happening pretty quickly. so our awareness is definitely peak said. >> this is the first or only natural disaster that changed the earth's atmosphere. the tsunami in 2004 shortened
5:36 pm
the day by 6.8 microseconds. tiger woods' caddy is speaking out about the golfer's affair. steve williams has been carrying tiger's bag for 11 years. williams said he was unaware of the affairs and would have spoken up if he had known about it. the caddy said he was initially angry when the scandal broke. but now he wants to support tiger's family during this difficult time. >> i was more disapiptded that he -- disappointed that he left his -- let his wife down and himself down. i'm close with his wife. and he's let them down. >> reporter: tiger woods will not return to golf until he's in top form. continental airline customers looking for a little leg room will have to pay for it. passengers will now pay extra at check-in to get an exit row seat, which has at least seven inches more room to stretch out. it could average about $59. united and jet blue already
5:37 pm
charge for that extra leg room. in tonight's health watch report, concerns over the newly revised cancer prostate screening guidelines. some worry they are sending the wrong message to men. not everyone is embracing the changes. some fear they could put patients at risk. >> reporter: bill had his first prostate-specific antigen a decade ago. >> eventually, i did have a little bit of an elevated psa test. i went ahead and had a biopsy. the biopsy came back negative. >> reporter: he didn't go back in until four years later. he felt great but he wasn't. phil had prostate cancer. >> it had spread already. so as a result of that. it was called a local spread. it was contained in the pelvic being area. >> reporter: new guidelines issued by the american cancer society, urge doctors to
5:38 pm
discuss the pros and cons of screening for prostate cancer. so many -- so men can make an informed decision. but do not recommend annual screenings. the digital screening is optional. >> review this pamphlet. >> he fears the new recommendations will discourage men from being screened. and emphasizes that psa tests save lives. >> men over 40 years of age, with a life expectancy of over 10 years should have psa testing. >> reporter: it makes the point that prostate cancer screenings do find cancers. but since there is no method of determining whether a cancer is slow growing or aggressive, many are often overtreated and can suffer unnecessary side effects. like incontinence or impotence. >> i do have incontinence, impotence, but i'm alive. but my point is, if not for the psa test, i would not be here. >> he believed had that if he
5:39 pm
had gotten yearly psa tests, doctors would have found it before it spread. >> to review the recommendations, log onto our website, and click on healthwatch. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. could we be in for another wave of the h1n1 flu? the strengths and weaknesses of the goalies have the face-off classic. and reviews of the new movie. including alice in wonderland. for these stories and a whole lot more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. they took this state competition. and now they're onto the nationals. we first told you about carver center for arts and technology last week. they have already won thousands of dollars in scholarship money. and as andrea fujii explains, they're hoping to win even more.
5:40 pm
it's the first time that carver center for the arts in technology has won first place in both the culinary and management competitions at the pro start invitational. >> i was so nervous. i couldn't feel my face. i'm not kidding. >> reporter: the culinary team prepared a near perfect full menu. and mastered the test. >> when you say teams, they are teams. i am very proud of them. >> and the management people presented a nearly flawless restaurant contest. >> the judges basically told us that we should copyright our restaurant. >> reporter: the teams your preparing to compete against up to 40 other schools in may. and new now it's the little details that count. >> reporter: and distractions are everywhere. students practice being bombarded with questions while cooking. >> dave, what are you making right now? >> i'm whipping up egg whites and cake batter. >> doing two things at once. and within minutes, this is going to be merengue. >> each team won between
5:41 pm
$30,000 to $40,000 in scholarship money. and the top five teams will share $1 million in scholarship packages. >> scholarshipscholarshipscholarsh money helps. and the glory is kind of nice am but it's fun. >> reporter: these students say they love food, preparing and presenting it. and most will use these skills for their full-time careers, long after the competitions are over. >> ever since i was in the third grade, i've always wanted to do this. >> andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the food looks fantastic. the state competition was a tight one. high school at cecil county. won second and third place in the culinary competition. we should go there and be voluntary judges. all day. >> i would lo -- i would love that. >> sign us up. children directing flights. tonight, reaction to the faa scandal that has everyone talking.
5:42 pm
i'm alex demetrick, in washington. where a sure sign of spring is getting ready to bloom. that story as eyewitness news continues. i'm bob turk. in the first warning weather center. weekend warmup. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. report from wall street. blan ,,,,,,,,,,
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5:45 pm
alexalex demetrick explains, the hopes are in washington. and will await the annual cherry blossom. >> this was harford county last friday. after the snowiest winter on record. a lot of people upon feeling under. >> it's diswruflt never ending. >> something to really look forward to as we get away from the cold and the snow and all of that stuff. >> plans for this cherry
5:46 pm
blossom festival were announced, along with their predicted arrival. >> based on what i see. i'm going to say the blooming period will start around the 31st of march, and extend all the way to the 11th of april. >> reporter: the back-to-back blizzards did do some damage. most came through all right. >> reporter: and what damage remained will soon be pruned away. >> i can guarantee you that by the time the festival comes around, you wint even knowledge there was an event. >> marking that it will be in bloom. this year, 1 million people are expected to take a look at the pale pink blossom, leaving behind plenty of green. >> they see lots of other things. but they gear their trip around the blooming of the cherry blossoms. >> and the bloom of spring after the gloom of winter. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the chief horticulturalist
5:47 pm
for the park service predicts the peak time will hit between the third and 8th of april. that's when 70% of the trees should be in bloom. and we're hoping for a big warmup to really enjoy the cherry blossoms. i've been there when it has been snowing. >> gotta warm the air and the ground up. let's take a look at tomorrow's forecast. we'll start off with clouds. and we may see clouds from time to time. upper 20s to upper 30s. eventually back up to about 44 by the afternoon. next five days, warming up for the weekend. 50 with a lot of sunshine on saturday. 54 sunday. 55 monday. and yeah, 50, partly cloudy skies here on tuesday. today's energy-saver tip deals with carbon monoxide. very important. it's a silent killer. if you start to feel sick, dizzy or weak, get the fresh air right away. it can rapidly lead to full incapasitation. and death.
5:48 pm
if you experience any serious effects, get medical help immediately. go to and click on our special section on the home page. the suspect charged with killing chelsea king is also being linked to crimes involving two other california teens. police are investigating if john gardner is responsible for the disappearance of 14-year- old amber dubois. she vanished last year while walking home from school. police also say gardner matches a description of a 16-year-old girl last october. the federal aviation administration is ramping up its investigation into children running the air traffic control. glen duffy's son and daughter were allowed to talk to pilots over the radio. travelers are split on the issue. some say it's no big deal while others say it puts lives on the line. >> check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for all new stories coming up,
5:49 pm
denise is standing by live with a preview. sudden death. wjz has been telling you that well-known baltimore boxer mike deitrich was found dead in his home near dundalk. a parent's worst nightmare. young sarah foxwell, taken in the middle of the night. unfortunately, it's often by someone you know. predators. why can't we keep them behind bars. it's wjz, next at 6:00. >> check in for these stories and all the breaking news, coming up at 6:00. now, back to kai and mary. >> thank you. step aside, jay-z and eminem. there is a new mix match on the club scene. >> yeah, the french grandmother, has all of the kids up and dancing. let's take a look. ♪ [ music ] >> oh, man. 69-year-old ruth flowers is spinning the hot tracks in gay paris. >> she fell in love with the
5:50 pm
club scene at her grandson's birthday party and she wanted to give it a try. >> she said she has no plans to stop, as long as they let her. >> i hope i'm that way when i'm 69 and a good time. i love her. >> she's on the board. >> she's got the right glasses, too. for driving or mixing. [ laughter ] stay with us. eyewitness sports is next. hello, sports fans. stan saunders here in the palace. we have plenty of highlights from last night's maryland win over duke. and we've got o's highlights from the gulf coast of florida and more as eyewitness news continues.
5:51 pm
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than comcast. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. hello, everybody. today, the number 22 maryland men's basketball team, sits atop the world in basketball, alongside number 4 duke, whom they upset in college park last night by 7 points for their 6th victory in a row. early on, three terrapin seniors opened up an early scoring spree. senior eric hayes hits the first point, shortly after the
5:54 pm
tipoff on a slicing layoff. shortly afterward, senior, greivis vasquez, appropriately enough, makes it 7-0 on senior nice. senior, landon millburn, making it 10-0, terps. baltimorean, juan dixon, liking it. his young charm city home boy. base line jay. call it 23-12. very next bucket. watch this. off the play. dino to east baltimore, sean mosely. you can count that one. dino on the board. right here. scratching and clawing, like duke did in the first half. it was 40-38 terps at recess. in the second half, the shot of the night coming up. from greivis vasquez, with about 38 seconds left on the game, watch what happens. that is a wild runner that goes. and mom and dad want to shimmy shake it off. terps at virginia, saturday, in the regular season finale.
5:55 pm
i'm really proud of the team. everybody, you know, we just stay tough. we wouldn't let them get away from us. and things weren't going real well for us. but we taught through it. and i'm so proud of these guys. >> baseball now. today's masn on spring training report. could the o's dew point yesterday's exhibition opening, 12-2. off the barrage of tampa bay. a day later against the opponent. yesterday at home, sarasota. today, birds in florida. and there is felix pie opening the game with the first home run. on the mound, brian matusz, looking real good. struck out evan longoria, back to back to back. he was about the number 3 starter maybe this regular season.
5:56 pm
there's matt joyce, of tampa bay. in comes the winning run. and the rays win. orioles face the pittsburgh pirates. >> so they're 1-1 so far. >> thank you. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. health care for mayor rawlings-blake. i'm mike hellgren, at city hall, where the mayor is now back to work. what she. doctors sent her to the hospital earlier today. complete covov,, heel pressure. high arches. (announcer) people everywhere are discovering what's going on with their feet. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. backed by foot care scientists, its foot mapping technology identifies the areas you put pressure on then recommends the right orthotic.
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mayor stephanie rawlings- blake hospitalized overnight. >> the archdiocese of baltimore makes it official. 13 schools to close. now, the next step for parents, students and alum alumni. >> the american dream is dead tonight. i'm jessica kartalija, in fells point. the death of boxer mike deitrich, coming up on wjz. >> getting ready for a great weekend. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now.


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